Which activity gives the highest return?

I have for years, only met one person who actually knows how to work with a direct result-oriented marketing.

Everyone claims that they do, but yet nobody knows how to do it. Result-oriented Marketing means that you link your marketing activities to a realistic forecast and actual performance in advance. That you are skilled in your assessment so that you always optimize your activities to get better and better.

Use a marketing agency for creativity – not for results

It is in every company’s interest to be able to optimize the return per invested unit, yet it is in large no company that directly can link activities to a result, not even after the activity. Even worse, using a Marketing Agency can be great, when creating supporting materials for your market activities.  But in general, they don’t know anything about business.

I’ll be in a few weeks in a series review the basics of Performance-Oriented Marketing.


Regards Jonas


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