Strategic Packaging is the way you choose to communicate your Product, (hardware, software, services, and / or solutions), toward a defined target market with the goal of maximizing and achieving optimal results while maintaining or improving confirmed customer-experienced quality

When talking about Packaging we usually think of physical packaging, even if packaging cover other areas as well. Strategic Product Packaging is the extension of all packaging, and is crucial in today’s fast moving markets. Strategic Product Packaging is How, When and to Whom you communicate your product In order to maximize your market position.

It’s a long time ago it only concerned Sales, and Marketing. In order to optimize your strategy it has to include the entire organization. We take it even further and include the customer and it’s experience. Being business minded is to include Strategic Product Packaging  as part of the on-going executive strategic process.

Part 1 – What is Strategic Packaging
2 – Goals, Segmentation and Defining the Product (December 20th)
Part 3 –
Business Models  and Mapping (End of December)
Part 4 –
Strategic Pricing (Method and Template)
Part 5 –
Communication Templates & Activity Planning

“Nespresso created a new product, where the customer can simply could prepare coffee with coffee capsules in a simple and trendy way. An example where Physical- and Strategic Product Packaging created a market leader based on an old product – coffee”

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