W:360 (WEST:360)

W:360 (WEST360), a Nordic consultancy based Sales and Marketing organization founded west of Stockholm, (West), providing focus and results with out missing the importance of seeing the whole, (360).

Business idea

A Nordic result oriented expert team, providing full support to organizations establishing and/or improving actual, sustainable and progressive results for a product, solution, department, division and/or a market.

Consultancy Based

A consultancy based team adding resources based on assignment. The core skills are based primarily on three senior consultants with global experience mainly with in IT, Finance and Hospitality.


From Hospitality in young years to the IT industry with a focus on Sales and Marketing in essence. Over the years, I have, on the basis of my own experience and what I learned, constantly developed the structure that I am using today to create a true Result-oriented Sales and Market Structure. It is more about strategy, structure, organization and a business sense and less about having a few good Sales Reps.

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