Continuously increasing your market shares

There are several models and ideas about Strategic Product Packaging, but none has so far included the customer in a developed and thoughtful manner.

Customer Experience is an important part

Even though Strategic Packaging traditionally aims to maximize initial results, we add an dimension including the customer. It is about securing the long term progressive result, repurchases and recurring revenue based on confirmed customer quality- and experience.

Main Points:

1. Goals
2. Segmentation
3. Defining the product (Method / Template)
4. Strategic Pricing (Method / Template)
5. Availability and Moment of truth
6. Customer Experience Management
7. Communication
Market / Sales activities
Internal communication / release / follow up

Availability more important than price

“Just By switching a poorly managed credit card payment solution online to an working one, including invoice solution, Media Markt increased its revenue significantly through higher availability and usability”

In the era of digital infrastructure and communications, Strategic Packaging is particularly important. As well as it offers a range of new opportunities, customers are more affected by rapid influences, more judgmental and unconditional in their contact with offerings and companies. Somewhat simplified, small differences get larger effects today than before, both positively and negatively. Other areas that today are more important in Strategic Product Packaging that due to technology is for e.g. Usability and Availability.

“Hong Kong Bank improved their revenue with 7 % by creating a customized and user-friendly mobile app without having to change the product itself

Apple, Starbucks and Goldman Sachs

Strategic Packaging is used in all companies to some extent, consciously or unconsciously. Some well-known examples of companies where Strategic Packaging is used successfully and a significant part of EBITDA is e.g. Apple, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, BMW and Starbucks.

There are plenty of examples of failed Strategic Packages. One such is Pyramid System, most often in the Beauty Industry, where sales and distribution largely is motivated by smart design and volume-based incentives, which usually will generate low quality customer experiences and low or non-existent customer loyalty, as sales are unlikely to match expectations.

Put down the amount of time you need on Strategic Packaging, because it will pay off immediately, and is a must to improve your market shares.

“A well-known petrol station chain sold more cups of coffee by removing an poorly structured loyalty program by simply handing out coffee every now and then, increasing both availability and customer experience”